Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Eastern Phoebe Now Nesting Here

The Eastern Phoebe pair that have nested here the past two years have decided once again to nest in the small shed behind our house. I don't want to disturb them too much now but, I will attempt to get some pictures of the nest and the little ones soon. They get very nervous when I am anywhere near so I'll limit my visits as much as possible.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Back In Kentucky After A Long Winter In Florida

After spending the winter in Florida we arrived back to our home on April 16th only to find that    April has been a very unusual month here in Kentucky. It's been very cool and rainy with temps in the 30's at night and only in the 50's during the day.

I have witnessed some of the migratory birds stopping by on their way north. The White-throated Sparrow has arrived in numbers. I've seen at least six of them so far. Both varieties, the Tan-striped adult and the White-striped adult have appeared. I also seen a number of House Finch and Gold Finch come to the feeder. I was surprised on April 22 when the first Hummingbird came to the feeder. Looked in pretty good shape after that long flight. Even the secretive Towhee is back in his hiding place in the bushes. The pictures below are some of the birds I've seen so far this month as I was able to get out on some of the better days when we had sunshine. As some as the weather moderates I hope to get back out to photograph more. I'll also plan a trip up to Muscatatuck National Wildlife Refuge
                                                                  Eastern Towhee
                                               White-striped adult White-throated Sparrow
                                                  Tan-striped adult White-throated Sparrow
                                                             White-throated Sparrow
                                                        Purple Finch - Female
                                                              Downy Woodpecker
                                                                Carolina Chickadee
                                                                  Tufted Titmouse
                                                            Red-shouldered Hawk
                                                             Red-shouldered Hawk
                                                               Chipping Sparrow
                                                           House Finch with eye disease
                                                                House Finch - Male
                                                            White-breasted Nuthatch
                                                            House Finch - Female
                                                                Northern Cardinal
                                                         Brown-headed Cowbird